The Tri City BBQ Fest was cancelled for 2020, but in its place we are hosting the smaller Backyard Brew & ‘Que. This event is designed from the ground-up to be conducive to safety and social distancing. Please respect our requests if you choose to visit, and we can have a lot of fun!

We very respectfully ask you follow these guidelines:
· Stay in your circle or at your table.
· Wear a face covering when you are not seated in your group.
(You can remove your mask when you are playing a game with a partner.
We will be giving away 1,500 cloth masks at the event.)
· Practice social distancing – do not crowd into walkways.
· Circles and tables are “first-come, first-served”.
· If all tables and circles are full, please try again later.
· Please bring lawn chairs for the circles. Most circles are on pavement.
· Circles can only be saved by occupants, not by chairs or other items.
· Unattended items will be removed from circles to make
room for other guests.
· All vendors accept cash except the Beer Tent, which requires tickets.

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Where else in 2020 can you see so many bands for free?
It’s all thanks to these wonderful sponsors: