Volunteer Signup


As a 100% non-profit event, the Tri City BBQ Fest wouldn’t be possible without our amazing volunteers! Plus, we’re told it’s a lot of fun to make people’s day at this amazing festival.

If you like to make people smile, or just do something to give back, you’ll love being a volunteer for us. (Plus, you get a neat shirt and badge to keep).


There are only a few things we ask of our volunteers:

· Please show up on time for your agreed shift and stay the whole shift.

· Report to your assigned manager and follow their lead. If you see something that could be a hazard or problem, let your manager know.

· Do everything you can to provide a world-class experience for our visitors.

· Please only wear your shirt and badge when you are actually working so people know who to ask for help. Drinking to excess in the gear is a big no-no.

· Treat BBQ Bucks like cash, because they are.

· Study up on the map and schedule so you can answer visitor questions.

· Smile!